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The Fiddlers

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Need to transfer community ownership Jul. 6th, 2012 @ 05:31 pm
Hey, all,

Not only is a) this community super quiet, but b) I'm now at a point in my life where I don't fiddle as much any more (not for lack of desire).

I'd like to transfer owner/moderator-ship over to someone who can hopefully bring life back to the community!


Mar. 6th, 2010 @ 10:20 am
I am taking lessons, I'm a beginner, but I took piano lessons for a number of years.

I had hacked around on my own before taking lessons, I learned a version of Whiskey Before Breakfast from a MIDI file (on this page) I have it memorized, but my bowing and use of slurs was not appropriate to make it sound good.

I now want to re-learn this tune with my teacher. I have software that I can print out the MIDI file as sheet music, and the teacher is fine with that.

However every search I do on Youtube, it's not that version, it's a different one. For the most part, I was not fond of it, but I found an Andy DeJarlis version that is similar, that I am fine with. (found here)

I want to use only one version with my teacher. Which one should I use? I like the MIDI one because it's more elaborate, but I am thinking if I want other people to play along with me, it's more likely they will know the Youtube/Andy DeJarlis version.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


Twin Citians: Sep. 20th, 2009 @ 10:00 pm
Heya -
Is there ANYONE in the Twin Cities that would be interested in starting some sort of session (in the city) specifically for Scottish / Cape Breton fiddle?

I'm not terribly active on LJ these days so please email me through my profile page.


fiddle faddle XD Aug. 4th, 2008 @ 07:20 pm
Hi everyone,
it's nice to talk to actual fiddlers sometimes....
I'm almost 17, and I've been playing fiddle for like, nine years :)
I Love It So Much..
My favorite tunes are: Baileys Breakdown, Mouth of the Tobique, Lovers Waltz & L'histore d'un vieuz cock (story of my old rooster)..
Anyone know any of those?
If you have any sugestions, bring it on!
I don't read notes, but I have an excellant ear ;)

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Farm and Wilderness string band tunebook Jun. 19th, 2008 @ 07:37 am
Practiced my favorite fiddle tunes
I practiced Southwind, which is such a pretty piece. I guess it's a waltz. I also practiced Haste to the wedding, Swallowtail jig and a few others.

I turned the shoulder rest piece around so it wraps against my chest a few inches down from my shoulder. I was able to play it much better, with my bum nearly frozen-shoulder.

I love it when I can play these pieces at the right speed and hitting the right notes.

I'm especially pleased with Swallowtail, since it's fast and the fingering changes quickly.

I only started playing the fiddle, self taught about two years ago.

I took a lot of time off playing it, too. It lost its tune in the summertime so I generally didn't play it then.

I printed out the church's hymns from the internet, http://www.lds.org/cm/display/0,17631,4650-1,00.html changing the key to D or C so I could play them with the scales I knew. They have an automatic key changing thing on there.

Back then I also printed out a lot of pieces from the internet. One that I especially like is Springtime. I'm not sure where all that music is anymore as I just use this book, 'Farm and Wilderness string band tunebook, 3rd edition'. I love it!

Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Swallowtail jig and Southwind
Other entries
» Fiddle/Tabla
I've been offered a gig playing fiddle at the wedding of an Indian woman and an Irish guy in August. They're hiring a tabla player as well, and we are to invent our own musical fusion. I'm a long-time fan of tabla, and can't wait to try this out. The question is whether any traditional Indian rhythms get along with the rhythms of Irish tunes. I'm optimistic; there is a myth in the Irish music community that the music descends from Indian music. Also, I vaguely remember playing fiddle with a tabla player at a house session many years ago and it being awesome.

On the other hand, I had this awful gig where I ended up playing Irish fiddle tunes with a salsa percussionist and it was the worst-sounding thing ever. There are two incompatible rhythmic traditions for you.

Eee! Tabla! I can't wait to set up a rehearsal.
» A must read!
(it's a long article, but SO worth it!)

Pearls Before Breakfast
By Gene Weingarten
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, April 8, 2007


"HE EMERGED FROM THE METRO AT THE L'ENFANT PLAZA STATION AND POSITIONED HIMSELF AGAINST A WALL BESIDE A TRASH BASKET. By most measures, he was nondescript: a youngish white man in jeans, a long-sleeved T-shirt and a Washington Nationals baseball cap. From a small case, he removed a violin. Placing the open case at his feet, he shrewdly threw in a few dollars and pocket change as seed money, swiveled it to face pedestrian traffic, and began to play.

It was 7:51 a.m. on Friday, January 12, the middle of the morning rush hour. In the next 43 minutes, as the violinist performed six classical pieces, 1,097 people passed by. Almost all of them were on the way to work, which meant, for almost all of them, a government job. L'Enfant Plaza is at the nucleus of federal Washington, and these were mostly mid-level bureaucrats with those indeterminate, oddly fungible titles: policy analyst, project manager, budget officer, specialist, facilitator, consultant.

Each passerby had a quick choice to make, one familiar to commuters in any urban area where the occasional street performer is part of the cityscape: Do you stop and listen? Do you hurry past with a blend of guilt and irritation, aware of your cupidity but annoyed by the unbidden demand on your time and your wallet? Do you throw in a buck, just to be polite? Does your decision change if he's really bad? What if he's really good? Do you have time for beauty? Shouldn't you? What's the moral mathematics of the moment?..."

(i don't know how to do a cut, so i hope the link works!)

xposted around
» (No Subject)
There's an Irish Rock band (The Pogues/Flogging Molly/The Tossers) forming in Orange County, CA (USA). We're looking for a fiddle player.

If you are interested or if you know someone who is interested let me know.

And for the record, we're looking for mandolin/accordion/banjo, too.

» Uk Fiddlers...
Aloha, I'm new...

If any of you in the UK can suggest a good place in London to get a fiddle I'd appreciate it.

Is Hobgoblin in Rathbone Street a rip off?

I play advanced classical guitar so I'm not going to buy a cheap Chinese thing - in which case, can you suggest a good brand which will see me through to intermediate / advanced.

I'm looking to play Irish traditional music (parents are from Donegal).

I would appreciate advice so very much.


» (No Subject)
Hey y'all. So I've only been doing this fiddle thing for a couple weeks, but I've got a few years of mandolin experience under my belt, so I'm finding that the left hand (at least in first position) is coming pretty easily. Still, my technique and bowing are still overflowing with issues, so I was wondering if any of you had fiddle tips for a mandolin player.

Also, who's your favorite fiddler and why? I haven't listened to many, but I really like Vassar Clements and Stephan Grappelli for their freedom and jazz influences.
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